What Can I Do With My Broken Printer?

With the development of technology, it’s common to upgrade to newer, more advanced electronics whenever they hit the market. While staying current with technology has its merits, it often leaves us with a growing collection of older devices. The disposal of these electronic relics seems wasteful, especially when dealing with electronics only a few years old.

Printers, like many electronic devices, contain various materials such as metals, glass, plastics, and numerous electronic components. Incinerating these items can result in the release of pollutants and contaminants harmful to our environment, particularly our water and air supplies. The good news is that there are safer, more responsible, and convenient methods for managing your broken printer.

How long do printers typically last?

A printer usually lasts 3-5 years, possibly longer with good care. However, upgrades are inevitable.

How do you know if your printer is broken?

It is available to read the article “How Long Should a Printer Last: Indicators That Suggest a Replacement”, trying to check if your printer is broken and needs replacement.

What can I do with my broken printer?

  1. Recycle: Most electronic retailers offer recycling services for old electronics, including printers. They ensure that harmful components are disposed of correctly, and recyclable parts are salvaged.
  2. Sell for Parts: Even if your printer is no longer functional, certain components might still be valuable.
  3. Donate: Some organizations and schools accept old electronics for training purposes. They may repurpose or refurbish the parts.
  4. Return to the Manufacturer: Some manufacturers have take-back programs where they accept older models of their products for recycling.
  5. Trade-In: Some retailers or manufacturers might offer a discount on a new purchase if you trade in your old printer, and the success of a trade-in relies on the condition of your printer. However, it doesn’t hurt to get a small cash back while helping the environment.

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