Updates! MPS Patented Solution for Commercial Epson Inkjet Printer

G&G has updated its patented MPS solution for 16 different printer series, focusing on the very popular Epson WorkForce Pro series of business inkjet printer models.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a customized “one-stop solution” that can meet users’ printing needs for various applications while achieving “on-demand services”.

Those who manage MPS channels as businesses rely on the Internet to monitor the supply levels of consumables in customer equipment in real time. At the same time, they can record page counts and analyze other printing statistics.

MPS products rely on consumable data provided by a secure, sustainable, efficient and affordable cloud service. In contrast, non-MPS products cannot support and monitor changes in ink levels in real time.

Gemstones and Gemstone Solutions

G&G’s patented MPS commercial inkjet solutions have been expanded to 16 different printer families. This provides those managing MPS contracts with greater opportunities to meet the needs of their MPS channels and contracted customers. Details of the new features are as follows and are available for ordering.

  • Comply with MPS standard, support chip, monitor real-time ink level
  • Simple, smooth operation, same as OEM
  • Well-designed high-end ink for business printing
  • Clear and sharp printing ensures documents are durable

Product List

Epson WorkForce Pro series

For more information, please contact WEEMAY.

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