Does High Yield Toner Last Long?

Comparing high yield vs standard yield toner, the difference between high yield and standard yield toner cartridges lies in the amount of toner they contain and their page yield.

To begin, it’s essential to grasp the concept of “page yield” in toner cartridge comparisons: What is page yield and how does it affect your cost per print? In short, page yield signifies the approximate number of pages a cartridge can print before requiring replacement, essentially denoting its longevity and the expected page count.

When discussing “standard” versus “high-yield” cartridges, we’re considering the pages each can produce before replacement. High-yield cartridges outlast standard ones, providing more printed pages before replacement. While high-yield cartridges have a higher initial cost, their extended page yield narrows the pricing difference. Consequently, they offer a lower cost per page, making them a more economical choice for extensive printing needs.

Besides, it is not that larger cartridges are higher capacity. For example, the larger one in the photo is the standard toner cartridge actually.

it is not that larger cartridges are higher capacity

Does high yield toner last long?

First of all, how long does a toner cartridge last? The lifespan of a toner cartridge can vary widely depending on several factors, including the brand and model of the printer, the type of printing being done, and the cartridge’s capacity.On average, a toner cartridge for a laser printer can print anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 pages before needing to be replaced.

High-yield cartridges offer increased toner and ink capacity, extending the time between cartridge replacements. While their initial cost is higher, they typically result in long-term time and cost savings.

Which is the most cost effective for a fairly print heavy work setting?

In general, high yield toner cartridges prove more cost-effective per page due to their extended lifespan and long shelf life. By reducing the frequency of replacements, they lead to savings in shipping costs, storage space, help desk inquiries, and downtime. It’s essential to consider relevant metrics as they play a significant role in determining the overall cost efficiency.

Finally, let’s have a glance at examples of standard and high-yield toner cartridges tailored to specific toner models.

Brand: Kyocera
Model: TK 1172 Model: TK 1172 (High Yield)
Page Yield: 7,200 pages Page Yield: 12,000 pages


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