How to do if the Lower Powder Cover of Ricoh MP C305/C306/C406 is Abnormal?

Reported from Regeneration Times: recently, customers have reported that some old Ricoh MP C305/ C306/ C406 machines cannot close the toner cover properly when taking out the toner cartridge. Some machines even get the toner cartridge head cover stuck during the toner cartridge removal process, causing the toner to If it falls into the machine, it will be difficult to clean. The accumulated residual powder will also contaminate and damage the electronic components inside the machine, causing the machine to skip codes and fail to work.

Ricoh MP C305 C306 C406

Test Repeatedly and Find Ricoh MP C305/ C306/ C406 Problems

Based on the above problems reported by customers, Kailid engineering and technical personnel repeatedly tested and verified on the old machine of MP C305/306/406 and found that the cause of the above situation is the plastic parts inside the machine that close the toner cartridge outlet cover. The design is too thin and the material breaks due to aging. In more severe cases, when the plastic parts age and break, the spring at the bottom of the part loses control, and it will drive another small part backwards and jam the powder bucket head cover, making it impossible to remove it.

Toner Cartridges with Innovative Technology Solve Machine Problems

Based on the above defects and problems existing in the old machines, the Kelid technical team designed and developed toner cartridges with independent technology that can solve the defects of these machines.

  1. The company’s technical team designed the spring for the powder outlet cover on the powder barrel head cover to automatically rebound, and added a reasonable bone position at the appropriate position on the head cover.
  2. When the powder barrel is loaded into the machine, the additional bone position on the head cover is added. It will resist the corresponding position on the machine at the bottom of the powder barrel, and use the bone position of the powder box to resist the resistance of the machine bone position to offset the back thrust of the powder outlet spring, ensuring that the powder barrel will not be damaged due to the back push force of the powder outlet cover spring.
  3. It pops up automatically, and then all parts of the head cover that can match the plastic accessories on the machine are evacuated. This can avoid the risk of the plastic parts aging and breaking, causing the spring at the bottom of the accessory to lose control and causing the small accessory to move backward and jam the powder barrel head cover.

The improved toner cartridge can not only solve various problems caused by the aging of old machines, but is also perfectly compatible with new models.

Product details are as follows:

product model ricoh MP C305 C306 C406

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