It May Only Take A Small Step to Overcome HP Medium-Speed Laser Printing Consumables

Anyone who is engaged in the printer industry knows that the market share of HP printers can be described as unrivaled and leading. From the annual global printer shipment report, we can easily see that although the inkjet printer business of HP has developed rapidly recently, but Laser printers are still the main business, and the main models are mid-speed business color laser printers.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M552/M553/M554/M555/M577/M578 and HP Color LaserJet Managed E55040/E57540 are upgraded versions of HP’s classic models CP3525/CM3530/M551/M570, which are easy to use, easy to manage, and safe to print And other characteristics continue to expand the market and become the main model of the new generation of HP color printers. The consumables and accessories market driven by this is also rising and the supply is in short supply.

Zhuhai Haiping Office Equipment Co., Ltd., as a high-quality supplier of fixing components, has continuously received purchase contracts for fixing components from customers since 2021. At the beginning, the company mainly refurbished the original fixing components. Due to the shortage, the refurbished fixing components can no longer meet the needs of customers. Under the background of successfully developing a variety of fixing components, the company leaders and team are determined to also develop the fixing components of this series of models.

A major feature of HP’s fixing components is that they use ceramic heaters for heating. Most of the fixing components of other brands use halogen lamps for heating. Some large-scale all-in-one machines from Xerox, Kemei, and Kyocera use electromagnetic induction heating. The ceramic heater is formed by printing the resistance paste on the alumina ceramic green body, firing it at a high temperature of about 1600°C, and then treating it with electrodes and leads. The technical requirements for obtaining a high-quality ceramic heater are very high. With years of industry experience, Haiping has also found a high-quality supplier to cooperate to complete the production of this heater.

After winning the first battle, Haiping continued to invest in the research and development of fixing film. This fixing film is divided into three layers, using PI (polyimide resin) as the base layer, the middle layer is coated with silicone layer on the surface of the base layer, and the outermost layer is FEP (tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene) and PTFE (polyethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) coating has been tested to have good thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, isolation, and has met the quality requirements. The fixing lower roller is covered with a layer of synthetic rubber with a steel solid shaft, and a layer of high-temperature-resistant fluoride film is covered on the outermost side, which has suitable softness and hardness, faster resilience, high-temperature resistance, and non-stick toner, etc. Performance, similarly, our fixing lower roller has also successfully met the quality requirements.

The biggest difficulty encountered in the research and development process is the thermistor. This fixing unit requires three NTC thermistors to detect the temperature at both ends and the middle of the heating plate respectively. As the temperature increases, the resistance of the thermistor decreases accordingly. , to provide signals to the main board to control the heating of the fixing assembly through the connection of the leads and the external lines. Haiping’s thermistor uses zinc oxide as the thermal element and is packaged with metal foil, which can accurately transmit signals so that the main board can accurately control the temperature of the fixing component. Another main component is the temperature control switch. Haiping directly adopts the original brand-new temperature control switch, which saves time and cost for research and development. After the main heating system, temperature control system, and pressure system of the fixing unit have been developed, the rest of the plastic casing bracket, metal hardware frame, gears, and wires can be said to be easily tested by Haiping.

Finally, after assembling and testing all the developed accessories, you will get Haiping’s new OEM-quality fixing components with firm fixing, smooth operation, no code reporting, and long life. It is reported that this HP M552/M553/M554/M555/M577/M578/E55040/E57540 fixing unit has been mass-produced and shipped domestically and abroad for a long time. Interested customers and friends can contact us.

Fuser unit package size:

  • Single size 47*22.5*18cm/1.9kg
  • A box of 6 pieces 52*49*55cm/13.1kg

Fuser Assembly Life: Estimated Yield / @ 5%: 150K

  • 110V fuser unit code: B5L35A
  • 220V fixing unit code: B5L36A
  • Waste toner box code: B5L37A

Consumables for HP M552/M553/M577: HP 508A

  • CF360A Black 6K , CF361A Cyan 5K
  • CF362A Yellow 5K , CF363A Red 5K

Consumables for HP M554/M555/M578: HP 212A

  • W2120A Black 5.5K , W2121A Cyan 4.5K
  • W2122A Yellow 4.5K , W2123A Red 4.5K

Consumables for HP E55040/E57540:

  • W9060MC Black 15K , W9061MC Cyan 12.2K
  • W9062MC Yellow 12.2K , W9063MC Red 12.2K

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