Addressing Print Quality Problems in Laser Printers: A How-To Guide

It is convenient to have own printer, but it is annoying when there is print quality problem. In this post, we introduce some commom print quality problems and solutions.

  • Fuzzy Print

If letters or graphics on the print is fuzzy, there might be problem on the paper. The problem can be solved by using freshly unwrapped paper.

  • White Lines

If there is always a white line on the page, sometimes it is fuzzy, sometimes it is clear,we can deal with it with different methods. For the former, the transfer corotron is probably dirty. To deal with it, you can clean the corotron under the guidence of user manual.
For the latter, there is probably a blockage in the developer unit. Some printers are prone to this problem and supply a small cleaning tool which slides along the gap between the blade and the developer roller.

  • Different degree of blackness

There are mutiple factors result in this print quality problem.If one side of the page is always lighter than the other, the printer may be unlevel. It should be noticed that the photoreceptor might be affected when some light leak in. So, please move the printer and it should be away from light source.
Besides, the toner can not flow freely when it is running low. It leads that some area of the page get less toner than the others. Fill the toner hopper to solve the print quality problems.

  • Black or white pages

Black or white pages occurs as a result of not properly connected or broken corotron. A professional engineer is needed if the transfer corotron is broken. If not, you can reinstall the printer consumables.

The print quality depends not only on the priner, but also on the printer consumables. If the prints of your printer have faded colours, it is time to replace the toner cartridge. Weemay wholesale toner cartridge offers premium quality and price, you can get more information in

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