Compatible Xerox Versant 80 Toner Cartridges

Product Detail:

Compatible Brand: Xerox
Product Name: Color Toner Cartridge
Model: Versant 80/180
Color: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
For use in: Xerox Versant 80, Xerox Versant 180

About Xerox Versant 80 Toner cartridge, specially formulated and tested to consistently excellent image quality. System reliability and long life. Excellent sustainability. Use high-quality chips, accurate counting, strongcompatibility, ready to use on the machine, good printing effect. Toner prints with high gloss and uniform particleswithout odor, giving you a green office environment.

What is the OEM Code for Xerox Versant 80/ 180 Toner Cartridges?

OEM Code: Color Page Yield For use in
006R01642 Black 30K Xerox Versant 80/180
006R01643 Cyan 30K
006R01644 Magenta 30K
006R01645 Yellow 30K

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