Unlocking the Original Printing Consumables Market: Where Does Their Confidence Lie?

In general, there is a significant difference in the performance between non-original printing consumables, non-original imaging components, and OEM parts. Compatible parts often bring about issues like drum wear and poor imaging quality, leading to the prevalent choice of OEM drums and imaging components by most businesses in the current market.

Guangzhou XinXin Office Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized provider and service provider of graphic equipment, specializing in loose toner and toner cartridges for renowned brands such as Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, and Konica Minolta. To address the challenges between OEM drums and compatible parts, XinXin Office has capitalized on its resources and technical expertise. After nearly two years of continuous research and testing, they have achieved a technological breakthrough in the new generation of Xerox color toners. These new toners have exceeded the initial standards, achieving optimal compatibility effects, catering to various requirements, and ensuring worry-free use of compatible parts from different manufacturers.

While fully meeting the demands of customers using OEM products, XinXin Office has also fine-tuned its color vibrancy, glossiness, and density to achieve optimal effects in line with the stringent domestic requirements for vivid colors. This initiative has greatly favored graphic equipment in need of precise color rendering and has received high recognition from numerous customers and maintenance engineers.

At the 17th Zhuhai International Office Equipment and Consumables Exhibition, XinXin Office will spotlight the new generation of Xerox and Canon color toners.


  1. High glossiness, delicate particles, and robust imaging fixation; capable of fulfilling high gloss and high-density color requirements.
  2. Exceptional full-page color printing effects, pronounced layering, and clear text rendering.
  3. Offering loose toner and toner cartridges; customizable packaging and branding according to business requirements.
  4. Superior quality, low cost, and strong environmental friendliness.

After 25 years of continuous development, XinXin Office has achieved consistent market share growth through outstanding product quality and top-notch service. In the future, XinXin Office will remain steadfast in delivering the utmost quality to its customers, aiding them in cost reduction, and generating greater value in business operations. With the philosophy of collaborative advancement and mutual success, XinXin Office aims to stride forward together with a broader clientele, towards a victorious future!

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