Xinxin’s New Color Toners for Xerox to Debut at RemaxWorld

Xinxin will release color toners suitable for use in Xerox and Canon devices at RemaxWorld Expo 2023 (Booth No. 1753), during October 12-14.

According to Xinxin, its color toner is bright, with fine particles for firmer fixing, and meets the requirements for high gloss and high-density colors. The company claims its toners provide an excellent result when full pages of color are printed, offering outstanding layering and clear text.

“Our toner has multiple advantages such as high quality, low cost, and environmental protection,” said the Xinxin spokesperson.

“The new toners represent a breakthrough into Xerox’s new color toner technology. After more than a year of research, testing, and improvement, the toners exceeded the OEM level, offering better quality,” the spokesperson added.

Xinxin also claims its toners have been tested separately with non-OEM drums and non-OEM fusing parts as well as OEM parts, making sure that compatible parts will work normally without damaging the drums or fusing improperly. To optimize toner compatibility, the company sent several devices and all kinds of parts to Japan, asking Japanese researchers to test different parts.

“We strive to meet various demands from different customers. Our aim is that customers can use compatible parts from different manufacturers without any worry,” said the spokesperson.

Xinxin can provide both toner powders and toner cartridges. In addition, it can customize packaging and trademarks according to customers’ needs. After more than a year of research, testing, and improvement, the toner has exceeded the original level, bringing better quality effects.

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